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Basic, Applied, and Advanced Research in Science and Engineering - #12.630

To: (1) Support basic, applied, or advanced research (technology development) in mathematical, physical, engineering, environmental, and life sciences, and other fields with good, long-term potential for contributing to technology for Department of Defense missions; (2) facilitate transition of research results to practical application for defense needs; (3) improve linkages between defense research and the civilian technology and industrial bases, to promote commercial application of the results of defense research and commercial availability of technology for defense needs; (4) foster education of future scientists and engineers in disciplines critical to defense; and (5) strengthen the infrastructure for research and related science and engineering education in those disciplines.

(Project Grants) FY 09 $35,616,000; FY 10 $78,000,000; FY 11 $50,000,000. (Project Grants (Cooperative Agreements)) FY 09 $0; FY 10 $3,000,000; FY 11 $0

Basic and Applied Scientific Research

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