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Engineering Grants - (ENG) - #47.041

In fiscal year 2006, 9,427 proposals were received and 1,737 awards were made. In fiscal year 2007, 9,575 proposals were received and 1,958 awards were made, and in fiscal year 2008 approximately 9,890 proposals will be received and about 1,978 awards will be made.

1) Cell-Based Sensors that link Nanotechnology with Microfluidics. (2) Nanostructural Engineering of Complex Functional Particles. (3) Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation (NEES). (4) Rapid Fabrication of Non-Assembly Mechanisms with Embedded Components. (5) Development of Biosensors for Rapid Screening. (6) Health Monitoring of Critical Civil Infrastructure for Safety and Security. (7) Liquid Logic-The 3rd Wave in Electronics. (8) Internally Mounted Engines for Aircraft of the Future. (9) Particle Laden Tubeless Siphon With Applications to Homeland Defense. (10) MEMS Tuners for Multi-band High Efficiency Wireless Transmitters. (11) Nanotube-Based Electronic Pressure Sensor. (12) SBIR Research: Development of a Novel Sensing Material for Waterborne Pathogens.

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