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College Access Challenge Grant Program - #84.378

States or philanthropic organizations (if a State does not meet program requirements) use funds to implement services and activities needed to achieve the goals and objectives of the program. The services and activities authorized in the statute include: providing information to students and families on postsecondary education planning, benefits, opportunities, financing options and career preparation; assisting students in completing FAFSA; engaging outreach activities for students at risk of not enrolling in or completing postsecondary education; offering professional development for middle and secondary school guidance counselors, and college admissions counselors and financial administrators; providing need based grant aid; repaying student loans or lower interest rates; and offering tutoring/mentoring services, and other support services. A grantee may use not more than 6 percent of the total amount of the sum of the federal share provided and nonfederal share required for administrative purposes.

States or philanthropic organizations (if a State does not meet program requirements) must submit an application containing a description of it's capacity to administer and report on grant activities and services, a plan for using grant funds to meet program requirements, including any special efforts the grantee will undertake to benefit underrepresented students. The grantee will also describe how the nonfederal share will be provided, as well as the structure the state has in place to administer the activities and services. The governor of a state must designate in writing which State agency is authorized to administer the grant. A letter from the governor (on letterhead, signed and dated) must be included in the application. This program is excluded from coverage under OMB Circular No. A-87.

State will receive funding based on the submission of an approvable application. The application must present a viable plan to achieve goals and objectives and also comply with statutory and regulatory requirements.

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