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Annual Senior Fellowship Competition - (Jennings Randolph Senior Fellowship Program) - #91.003

Fellowship funds are used to support the work of outstanding practitioners, scholars, and other professionals to conduct cutting-edge research that result in publishable manuscripts for consideration by the Institute Press. Topic areas of interest to the Institute include, but are not restricted to, the origins of conflict, the role played by religious, ethnic, economic, political, social, and environmental factors in generating or accelerating conflict within, between, or among states; international conflict management; diplomacy; negotiation theory; Track Two (unofficial) diplomacy; methods of third-party dispute settlement; international law; international organizations and collective security; deterrence and balance of power; arms control; psychological theories about international conflict; the role of nonviolence and nonviolent sanctions; moral and ethical thought about conflict and conflict management; the role of peacekeeping, humanitarian intervention, and postconflict peace building; and theories about relationships among political institutions, human rights, and conflict. Priority is given to proposals deemed likely to make timely and significant contributions to the understanding and resolution of ongoing and emerging conflicts and other challenges to international peace and security. Senior Fellowships usually last for ten months, starting in October, but shorter-term fellowships are also available. While completing their proposed project, Fellows consult with staff about ongoing programs, speak publicly about their work, and consult with the media, Congress, and others in the foreign policy establishment about topical issues related to their areas of expertise. Fellowship awards may not be granted for projects that constitute policy making for a government agency or private organization, focus to any substantial degree on conflicts within U.S. domestic society, or adopt a partisan, advocacy, or activist stance.

Resume/curriculum vitae. This program is excluded from coverage under OMB Circular No. A-87.

Selection of Senior Fellows is based on the following criteria: * Project Significance. Does this project tackle an important topic of relevance to the USIP mandate and the field of international peace, conflict and security studies? * Project Design. Is the project soundly conceived? Does it identify a key problem to be analyzed and does it have a clear methodology? * Implementation. Can the project be completed according to the proposed design, timetable, and budget? What is the likelihood of the completion of a publishable book or report during or soon after the fellowship period? * Track Record and Reputation. Does the candidate have a good track record and reputation for finishing projects on time? What is the candidate's standing in the field? * Potential as a Fellow. What is the applicant's potential for participating in the Institute's collegial life and outreach efforts?.

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