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Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities - Prevention and Surveillance - #93.073

From 90 to 120 days.

After review and approval, a Notice of Award from the CDC Procurement and Grants Office (PGO) is prepared and signed by an authorized Grants Management Officer and mailed to the recipient officer identified in the application, along with appropriate notification to the public. The initial award provides funds for first budget period (usually 12 months) and Notice of Award indicates support recommended for the remainder of project period, allocation of Federal funds by budget categories, and special conditions, if any. Cooperative agreement awards and grants, competitive and single eligibility, are determined by an internal objective committee review process at CDC, including peer reviews for research activities. Awards will be based on evaluation criteria set forth in the respective Funding Opportunity Announcements, the availability of funds, and such other significant factors as deemed necessary and appropriate by CDC.

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