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Nurse Education, Practice and Retention Grants - (NEPQR and Faculty Development: ITNEP) - #93.359

Nurse Education, Practice, Quality, and Retention Program (NEPQR) Grants are awarded to eligible applicant organizations for projects to strengthen and enhance the capacity for nurse education, practice, quality, and retention to address the nursing shortage. There are three major priority areas (Education, Practice and Retention) and eight purposes associated with the three priority areas. Applicants must select and focus on one of these eight purposes in the grant application. The education priority areas are: Purpose E1) expanding enrollment in baccalaureate nursing programs; Purpose E2) providing education in new technology, including distance learning methodologies.; The practice priority areas are: Purpose P1) establishing or expanding nursing practice arrangements in non-institutional settings to demonstrate methods to improve access to primary health care in medically underserved communities; Purpose P2) providing care for underserved populations and other high-risk groups such as the elderly, individuals with HIV/AIDS, substance abusers, the homeless, and victims of domestic violence; Purpose P3) providing coordinated care, quality improvement, and other skills needed to practice in existing and emerging organized health care systems; Purpose P4) developing cultural competencies among nurses. The retention priority areas are: Purpose R1) career ladder bridge programs which promote career advancement for nursing personnel and registered nurses and; Purpose R2) improving the retention of nurses and enhancing patient care that is directly related to nursing activities by enhancing collaboration and communication among nurses and other health care professionals, and by promoting nurse involvement in the organizational and clinical decision-making processes of a health care facility. Faculty Development: Integrated Technology into Nursing Education and Practice Initiative (Faculty Development: ITNEP). The purpose of this initiative is to provide support to nursing collaboratives for faculty development in the use of information and other technologies in order to expand the capacity of collegiate schools of nursing to educate students for 21st century health care practice. Nursing collaboratives will use healthcare information systems to enhance nursing education and practice, optimize patient safety, and drive improvements in health care quality. For this initiative, use of information and other technologies in nursing education and practice, includes, but is not limited to, informatics, telehealth, mannequin-based and patient simulators, computer-based instructions, virtual simulation, interactive simulated case studies, advanced 3D graphics, e-Learning technology, and other simulated or virtual methods to enhance nursing education and practice. Since no institution or organization currently offers the full spectrum of information and other technologies necessary to carry out this initiative, the nursing collaboratives must develop linkages and partnerships to undertake this initiative.

(Cooperative Agreements) FY 09 $1,980,692; FY 10 $2,562,807; FY 11 $1,969,674 -. (Project Grants) FY 09 $32,480,822; FY 10 $35,600,241; FY 11 $35,600,241

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