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Meteorologic and Hydrologic Modernization Development - (Hydrometeorological Development) - #11.467

The benefits of the overall program are for reduction in loss of life and damage which the general public can realize from improvement in weather forecasts, watches, and warnings of hazardous weather and resultant flooding. For the improvements from the modernization of the Nation's weather and hydrologic services to be realized, there must be significant involvement of the entire hydrometeorological community. Thus, benefits will accrue to: (1) General public through higher quality weather products and information; (2) State and local agencies responsible for the planning and implementation of emergency services, fire prevention, allocation and control of water resources, and those agencies who project economic conditions based on weather and water resource availability; (3) educational institutions (0-13+) which need to incorporate the information which will result from modernization of the weather services into their curricula; (4) scientists and developers who will be using the new information to enhance the State of the knowledge of the atmosphere and improve present system safety and reliability; and academic institutions which are funded for programs dealing with studies of the atmospheric and hydrologic science.

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