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National Center for Preservation Technology and Training - #15.923

Support work in archeology, historic architecture, historic landscapes, objects and materials conservation through cooperative agreements and the Preservation Technology and Training Grants program. The PTT Grants program funds innovative projects that advance the application of science and technology to historic preservation. Projects that develop new technologies or adapt existing technologies to preserve cultural resources are considered for funding. Projects may include, but are not limited to: - laboratory or field research that explores or assesses novel or adaptive methods; - training activities, including workshops, and course or curriculum development that promote the use of new adaptive technologies; - documentation using new methods; - manuscript or website development that disseminates innovative preservation technologies; and - meetings that convene experts to discuss the use of technologies to address preservation problems. NCPTT does not fund 'bricks or mortar' projects or straight-forward documentation projects using well-established methods. Ineligible projects include those whose principal focus is the treatment of a specific site, structure, object or collection; proposals exclusively for undergraduate internships or graduate fellowships; projects that are underway prior to the grant award date; projects that duplicate proposals previously submitted; or proposals for conferences for which equivalent results can be obtained at regular meetings of professional societies. Detailed use and use restrictions are specified in the applicable Request for Proposals.

Grants and cooperative agreements are awarded to eligible public and private sector practitioners who demonstrate institutional capability and commitment to the Center's mission to preserve historic and prehistoric resources; and who evidence the capacity to perform the proposed work successfully. Proof of nonprofit status is required of nonprofit organizations and institutions. OMB Circular No. A-87 applies to this program.

The successful proposed project should thoroughly: - address an identifiable national need in preservation technology, - present innovate technologies, - demonstrate a technically sound methodology, - have a principal investigator well qualified to conduct the proposed work, - disseminate project results effectively, - be cost effective given the scope of work and the audience, - provide a one-to-one match of funding with cash or in-kind services, and - result in tangible grant products that disseminate information beyond traditional ways (e.g. online web based training, webinars, podcasts, videos, DVDs, electronic publishing, etc). NCPTT reviews proposal for disciplinary, geographical and institutional distribution. Additionally, a National Park Service Grants Administrator reviews them for financial and policy matters. Special consideration will be given to proposals that leverage resources through public and private partnerships.

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