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Agriscience Awards - #85.105

In public/private partnership with the American Farm Bureau Federation, the Foundation will present eight Agriscience Awards to U.S. citizens permitted by their employer or any other relevant authority to accept a monetary award bestowed by the Christopher Columbus Fellowship Foundation, a Federal government agency. Eight monetary awards and research funds will be presented as follows: Two $25,000 Distinguished Agriscience Scientist Awards will be presented to adult scientists who are making or have recently made significant and positive contributions in the field of agriscience. In addition, $25,000 will be presented to each scientist recipient to be used to hire a graduate student/researcher to assist with a specific research project or to be used toward the project itself. The awards will provide incentive for continuing the research. Three $10,000 Agriscience Educator Awards will be presented to three current secondary school educators, with at least 5 years of teaching experience, and who emphasize concepts, principles and applications in their curriculum to promote the study of agriscience to students. Three $5,000 Agriscience Student Awards will be presented to current secondary school students who are making or have recently made significant and positive contributions related to the study of agriscience.

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