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National Institutes of Health Pediatric Research Loan Repayment Program - (NIH Pediatric Research Loan Repayment Program PR-LRP) - #93.285

Eligible applicants must: (1) be a U.S. citizen, U.S. national, or permanent resident of the United States; (2) have a Ph.D., M.D., D.O., D.D.S., D.M.D., D.P.M., Pharm.D., D.C., N.D., or equivalent doctoral degree from an accredited institution; (3) have total qualifying educational loan debt equal to or in excess of 20 percent of their institutional base salary on the date of program eligibility (the effective date that a loan repayment contract has been executed by the Secretary of Health and Human Services or designee); (4) conduct qualifying research supported by a domestic nonprofit foundation, nonprofit professional association, or other nonprofit institution, or a U.S. or other government agency (Federal, State, or local); (5) engage in qualified pediatric research (pediatric research is research that is directly related to diseases, disorders, and other conditions in children); (6) engage in qualified pediatric research for at least 50 percent of their time, i.e., not less than 20 hours per week based on a 40 hour week; (7) agree to conduct research for which funding is not prohibited by Federal law, regulation, or HHS/NIH policy, and in accordance with applicable Federal, State and local law (e.g., applicable human subject protection regulations); and (8) sign and submit to the Secretary of Health and Human Services, at the time of application submission, a contract agreeing to engage in pediatric research in a qualifying institution for a minimum of 2 years. Full-time employees of Federal Government agencies are ineligible to apply for LRP benefits. Part-time Federal employees who engage in qualifying research as part of their non-Federal duties for at least 20 hours per week based on a 40 hour week, and who are not compensated as Federal employees for their research, are eligible to apply for loan repayment if they meet all other eligibility requirements.

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