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Learn About All U.S. Government Programs Benefiting Students
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Federal Financial Aid for Students

Federal money in the form of Grants, Loans, Scholarships, and Fellowships can help you pay for college, technical, or career school. Check out the list of available federal programs benefiting students.

Federal Student Grant Programs

The federal government provides grant funds for students attending colleges, career schools, and universities. Grants, unlike loans, are sources of free money and do not have to be repaid.

Federal Student Loan Programs

A federal student loan is made through a loan program administered by the federal government. Federal student loans are borrowed funds that must be repaid with interest.


Federal Scholarships Programs

The US federal government provides many scholarship opportunities typically offered by federal agencies. Most importantly scholarships are gifts. They don’t need to be repaid.


Federal Fellowships Programs

Federal fellowships provide funding for professional training, research, or graduate and doctoral study. A fellowship is merit-based specific funding that does not have to be repaid.

Who Gets Federal Student Aid?

Basic Eligibility Requirements

A Person:

Who is a U.S. citizen or an eligible noncitizen;

Who has a valid Social Security number;

Who can demonstrate financial need;

Who is not in default on a federal student loan;

Who does not owe money on a federal student grant;

Who will use federal student aid only for educational purposes.